Cartoninig Machines
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HSC-100 (Cartoninig Machine)
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HSC-100 Automatic Cartoning machine is intelligent equipment with maximum speed up to 120 boxes / minute. Suitable for packing products like tubes, blisters, bulk goods, bars, pharmaceutical products and food similar package in to cartons. The machine is incorporated with pneumatic photo electro mechanic, which improves the performance of the equipment and working efficiency.

Adjust automatic feeding structure conveniently, setup quantity of blisters on touch screen randomly. On line product feeding and detecting, leaflet fold (1-4folds) and feeding, leaflet detecting, canton opening and forming, products and leaflets are pushing into carton, printing batch number, sealing carton with tuck-in or hot melt glue device. Automatically reject lacking of leaflet or prod cut and finished product out.

Item HSC-100 Cartoning Machine
1. Packing speed 30-100 boxes/minute
2. Size range of carton L(60-200)mm X W(20-80)mm X H(15-60)mm
3. Paper quality of carton 250-350g/m3
4. Motor power 1.5 KW
5. Power supply type 380V 50Hz Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
6. Machine noise ≤80dB
7. Air pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa
8. Air consumption 1 liter/stroke
9. PLC Fatek Taiwan
10. HMI 7 " color touch screen Weinview
11. Photo sensor Keyence Japan/Fotek Taiwan
12. Inverter Delta Taiwan
13. Power supply Idec or Schneider
1. Hot melt glue device
2. In feed conveyor